Nicorette Cool Drops 4mg 20 Lozenges

Nicorette Cool Drops 4mg 20 Lozenges

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Nicorette Cool Drops 4mg 20 Lozenges

Nicorette Cool Drops Lozenges offer relief from nicotine cravings gradually leading smokers to quitters’ zone.

If you have been trying to quit smoking, you would have realized how hard it is as the cravings can become more frequent and compelling. Such situation calls for the use of Nicorette Cool Drops Lozenges, which are effective in addressing your cravings and support your efforts to quit smoking for good.

How Does Nicorette Cool Drops Lozenge Work

Nicorette Cool Drops Lozenge releases therapeutic nicotine as it dissolves. The release of nicotine relieves your cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. Ice mint flavour provides cooling taste for a longer period thereby treating the cravings.

How To Use Nicorette Cool Drops Lozenges

One 2mg Nicorette Cool Drops Lozenges would suffice to cool each craving, whether the need is to reduce the number of cigarettes or quit smoking altogether. Based on your smoking habits, you can use up to 15 Nicorette Cool Drops Lozenges a day to relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms. For those who smoke over 20 cigarettes a day, the best recommendation would be to use 4mg lozenge as the higher dose will be more effective in relieving withdrawal symptoms.

Stay Relieved And Enjoy Health

Being unsuccessful in your efforts at quitting smoking can be really stressful, particularly since you are aware of the health hazards of smoking. Nicorette Cool Drops Lozenges aids in your efforts and the best feature is that you can use it anywhere and anytime.

Being handy, the lozenge can easily find a place in your pocket or handbag. All you need to do is to pop a lozenge the moment your cravings start. Discreet to have and use, Nicorette Cool Drops Lozenges is a practical approach to be relieved of cravings.

The lozenges are not only designed to relieve your cravings but they are also made to use them at times you cannot or would not want to smoke. You may not be able to smoke while on a public transportation or while at work. You are sure to avoid smoking in presence of your children. However, such situations make your cravings worse and do not contribute to your efforts to quit smoking. Nicorette Cool Drops Lozenges, which can be used even when you are amidst company, helps to relieve your cravings thereby gradually aiding in getting you out of the habit.