Nicorette 16 Hour Step 3 10mg 7 Patches

Nicorette 16 Hour Step 3 10mg 7 Patches

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Nicorette 16 Hour Step 3 10mg 7 Patches

Nicorette Invisipatch is an effective and easy way to be relieved of nicotine cravings. The once-a-day remedy is a low maintenance solution as well.  

How Nicorette Invisipatch Works

Nicorette Invisipatch delivers nicotine in controlled levels thereby aiding in tackling cravings for up to 16 hours. The sustained release of nicotine during the hours of the day you need cigarette the most, helps to address your cravings and keep cigarettes at bay.

How To Use Nicorette Invisipatch

Nicorette Invisipatch should be applied first thing every morning. Clean and dry a hairless area of skin on the front chest or its side to apply the patch. You may also choose to apply on your upper arm or hip. Remove the patch every night and dispose of it safely.

Why Should You Use Nicorette Invisipatch

Studies prove that Nicorette Invisipatch to be 44% more effective than original Nicorette. By releasing steady flow of nicotine during your waking hours, the cravings are reduced and you only need to use the patch once every day.

Being semi transparent and discreet, Nicorette Invisipatch can be tucked away from view. Once the patch has been applied, you can stay focused on making your day productive and of course, smoke-free.

Here is how you make most of the product.

Nicorette Invisipatch helps to quit smoking immediately. Once you achieve your goal, switch over to patches of lower strength so that the amount of nicotine released is reduced. You can gradually stop using the patches. The end goal can be accomplished within 12 weeks.

Nicorette Invisipatch is available in three strengths (25mg, 15mg and 10mg) and hence you can start on a stronger dose and reduce the dose gradually. For those who smoke over 10 cigarettes a day, Nicorette Invisipatch 25mg should help. Start with highest dose and gradually reduce using patches.

If you smoke lesser than 10 cigarettes a day, you can use 15mg patch for the first 8 weeks and go for 10mg patch for the next 4 weeks.

Avoid applying Nicorette Invisipatch on the same spot of skin for two consequent days.

Do not use the patch on broken or inflamed skin.